Task 27: Croissants

Croissants are a bit of a baking holy grail. Not necessarily for me personally (I still aspire to the Tivoli Road olive bread), but by all other accounts. Viennoiserie (a totally snooty name for croissants and other pastries in their flaky family) has a fearsome reputation. It’s immensely time consuming. Super temperature sensitive. Absolutely disinterested … Continue reading Task 27: Croissants

Task 25: Muesli Rolls

Another week where I left my homework (this blog) until the last minute and then got myself into a twist about what to do. Was it time to revisit the dreaded crusty Italian loaf, this time with my idol Deb Perelman (smittenkitchen) to guide me? Or to just do a brioche? Maybe I should build … Continue reading Task 25: Muesli Rolls

Task 24: Turkish Bread

I was super organised this week. Per my post last week I had already decided on what bread I would make, Ottolenghi’s Crusty White Italian Loaf. I would whip it up on Saturday and then commence the promised judging to determine a winner in the battle on the white loaves. I was quietly confident that … Continue reading Task 24: Turkish Bread

Task 23: Crusty White Bread

In his book Ottolenghi, the author (Yotam Ottolenghi, believe it or not) observes that “when thinking about what to serve alongside any given dish, it’s all too easy to revert to the suggestion of some ‘crusty white bread’”. He uses this as an intro to his crusty white Italian loaf recipe, which I fully intended to … Continue reading Task 23: Crusty White Bread

Task 22: Crumpets

I took a week off. I wish I could say it was because I was gearing up for something mind-blowing this week, but it wasn’t. I just lacked the organisation needed to fit bread making into a busy schedule, even though I’d already ear-marked these as my next target, and even though these are decidedly … Continue reading Task 22: Crumpets

Task 21: Lavoush

Yes, I’ve cheated again. Lavoush is a fancy cracker to accompany cheese and dips and it does not require so much as a whiff of yeast to create. It doesn’t require much time either and it offers you the dual challenge/opportunity to really express yourself with toppings. Is it the perfect bread to make when … Continue reading Task 21: Lavoush