Task 22: Crumpets

I took a week off. I wish I could say it was because I was gearing up for something mind-blowing this week, but it wasn’t. I just lacked the organisation needed to fit bread making into a busy schedule, even though I’d already ear-marked these as my next target, and even though these are decidedly … Continue reading Task 22: Crumpets

Task 21: Lavoush

Yes, I’ve cheated again. Lavoush is a fancy cracker to accompany cheese and dips and it does not require so much as a whiff of yeast to create. It doesn’t require much time either and it offers you the dual challenge/opportunity to really express yourself with toppings. Is it the perfect bread to make when … Continue reading Task 21: Lavoush

Task 18: Bagels

Growing up my mother did the bulk of the cooking. My father’s efforts can be summarised as follows: Sunday waffles, Thursday frozen curries, weekend BBQs (meat only, BYO sides) and a year long love affair with making bagels. Bagels have been on my blog hit list for a while, and I thought that this weekend was … Continue reading Task 18: Bagels

Task 16: Raisin Toast

The real blog is back! After three fabulous weeks pretending that I am a travel writer and not a middling home baker it is time to return to bread-making reality. Before I launch into this week’s masterpiece – raisin toast – I need to provide a few updates. On the subject of Pides. During my … Continue reading Task 16: Raisin Toast