Task 18: Bagels

Growing up my mother did the bulk of the cooking. My father’s efforts can be summarised as follows: Sunday waffles, Thursday frozen curries, weekend BBQs (meat only, BYO sides) and a year long love affair with making bagels. Bagels have been on my blog hit list for a while, and I thought that this weekend was … Continue reading Task 18: Bagels

Task 16: Raisin Toast

The real blog is back! After three fabulous weeks pretending that I am a travel writer and not a middling home baker it is time to return to bread-making reality. Before I launch into this week’s masterpiece – raisin toast – I need to provide a few updates. On the subject of Pides. During my … Continue reading Task 16: Raisin Toast


I want to call Tokyo a superlative city, but what I really mean is that Tokyo is a city of superlatives. It is the most populous, loudest, most vertical, most miniaturised, most queue loving, weirdest, architecturally surprisingest city I have ever been to. It provided some of my best food experiences (of my entire life, … Continue reading Tokyo


Well. This has certainly taken a turn. When I strayed from my strict rules and did the yeastless Matzah who could have predicted that we would end up here? For clarity, here is a place where instead of detailing a bread endeavour for the week I will instead write about the trip I’m on in … Continue reading Kyoto

Task 15: Pretzels

Full disclosure: this one is kind of boring. It’s boring because it was straight forward and it turned out fine and I didn’t lose my phone or wrangle family into helping or add twice the amount of flour or any of my usual melodramas. The closest I came to a misstep was trying to twist … Continue reading Task 15: Pretzels

Task 14: Monkey Bread

A good friend of mine (Tali) proposed this as a joint venture. Diehard fans may remember Tali from my European blogging days. She and I have an extremely dubious co-baking track record, but my strong sense of oblogation (a word I have invented meaning feelings of duty to this specific blog, obviously) meant those historic … Continue reading Task 14: Monkey Bread

Task 13: Matzah

I don’t even know where to begin with this one, there are so many sidebars and back stories I can distract myself with. I guess I’ll just ramble through them all and get to the baking when it suits me, this is MY blog after all. Before anything I need to set the scene. Matzah, … Continue reading Task 13: Matzah