Task 12: Hot Cross Lumps

Last week, during the doughnut extravaganza, some people may have noticed an orange boiling away on the stove in preparation for some hot cross bunning. The orange was not my only do-ahead – I had also soaked sultanas, raisins and currants overnight and made an extremely fragrant sugar syrup (complete with star anise, cinnamon and … Continue reading Task 12: Hot Cross Lumps

Task 11: Doughnuts

Maitland has made it clear from day dot that he would like to see doughnuts included in the roster. I humoured him by reading a couple of recipes but they all looked so…involved. Starting things the day before. Heating a huge amount of oil to a scalding temperature. Flipping things in the oil with haste … Continue reading Task 11: Doughnuts

Task 8: Sourdough

Now I get it. I get why so many people baulk at the thought of bread making, deriding it as intensely time consuming and technical. If I wasn’t doing this blog I cannot imagine a scenario where I would be making my own sourdough starter and devoting what has felt like two full weeks to … Continue reading Task 8: Sourdough